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Turn your passion and knowledge into greater results. Enhance your leadership presence and gracefully claim your place as a trusted authority in your field. 

The world needs your gifts.

If you are an Organizational Leader, Subject Matter Expert,  Author, Consultant, or Service-Based Entrepreneur who is ready to make a bigger impact through public speaking, virtual presenting, or online video,  let's connect!

And if you are ready right now to make a big change and upskill in a big way- check out the Essence of Presence Masterclass Starting September 9th,  2021!

You can learn more about the Public Speaking and Virtual Presenting Certification Program by clicking here.

My work as a virtual presentation and public speaking expert is all about getting you the tools you need to help more people become inspired by your message and take meaningful action.  

I help you develop a repeatable process for bringing out your best, every time you present.  No matter your current presentation skill level, from beginner to expert, you can take the next step to further master your public speaking skills. Now is the time to gain insight, information and tools to make the journey easier.


On-Demand, Digital Courses

Get in-depth and on-demand information and support to take your business or project to the next level. Join us to build your Confidence and Charisma on Video and more!

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Public Speaking and Virtual Presenting Masterclass & Certification

Take your skills to the next level and enhance your business and career opportunities.

This unique hybrid program combines virtual live instruction, on-demand learning, coaching, and in-person training to help you prepare for whatever the "next new normal" throws at you.

Show clients and employers, you are committed to providing next-level service for a changing world with a certification in Public Speaking and Virtual Presentation.

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Organizational Consulting

For teams and organizations needing to go to the next level in creating powerful virtual impact. Mari provides custom tailored packages combing consulting and training.

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The Essence of Presence Masterclass and Certification Program Starts July 22nd!









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