Mari Geasair:

Executive Presence Trainer, Virtual Presentation Instructor, and Public Speaking Coach

I help smart people with big ideas develop the presentation skills they need in order to make the biggest difference possible.

I have been coaching and consulting for 20 years, and during that time have had the honor to work personally with more than 4500 experts and entrepreneurs seeking to share their messages in ways that spark excitement and inspire action.

My work is grounded in extensive marketing, business, and presentation experience. I am a CTP Graduate of Coach University, a Miesner Trained Actor through Seattle's Prestigious Freehold Studio, and have over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, and professional actor.  I am a member of the National Speakers' Association, an eSpeakers Certified Virtual Presenter.


My own journey and the journeys of the thousands of business creators and subject matter experts I have been privileged to work with have proved to me that success requires personal and practical transformation.

It takes bravery and clarity to craft a compelling message and share it with the world.

And it takes moving beyond internalized bad habits, limiting beliefs, and ingrained communication styles to clarify the gifts we want to share with the world and make our message “pop.”

The journey is seldom an easy one. But it is a worthwhile one. And the very complexity of this journey is also the reason I am passionate about taking it myself and helping others to succeed at it as well.

I get deep satisfaction from helping people learn what it is they need to know about running a business, crafting an effective personal brand, and presenting on stage.

I also love helping them save time money and sanity by learning how to spot and ignore the advice that might be trivial, outdated, or manipulative.

My dream is that with the right information and community to support us, we will all rise together and make the world a better place to live in.


I specialize in working with authors, trainers, speakers, healers and service professionals seeking to share complex ideas in simple ways.

My goal is to help them to make a bigger impact and grow their influence, and to help them make the journey easier by developing the practical skills and internal mindset needed to make success come faster. I want our work together to bear fruit both now and for decades to come.

My expertise in these matters comes not only from my extensive experience and training in on-stage performance and small business, but also from the collected wisdom of the many inspiring clients I have been blessed to work with over the years.

I have spent over 19,000 hours working personally with speakers, Solopreneurs, and subject matter experts through one-one consulting and small group classes.

The people I work best with are those that have been working as experts “renting out their brain” to individual clients and are now ready to make a bigger impact through public speaking, writing or online course creation.

My deepest expertise is in helping them share their message with the world in a way that attracts new clients and opportunities.


I literally started my first business when I was 12 years old.

But it wasn’t a weekend Lemonade Stand! It was a Boarding Kennel for dogs that thrived for 6 years and was successful enough that it funded most of my journey through the University of Colorado, Boulder. At University, I majored in Theatre Arts.

Unfortunately, I soon discovered that as exciting and powerful as theatre can be, it is also a tough field in which to make a living.

So, I returned to my “roots” and began my adult life as an entrepreneur. Over the last several decades I have owned and operated five successful businesses of my own.*

I have also managed to simultaneously continue my theatrical journey and peruse advanced performance training, as well as work as a professional actor at regional theatres throughout the USA.

Throughout it all I have learned the power of risk taking, persistence and the power of a strong support system.


*(The business I have owned and operated include a Boarding Kennel, Customer Experience Training Agency, Online Bookstore, Arts Marketing Agency, and a Speaking & Consulting Business)

Get To Know Mari Even Better:

Watch this brief introduction from Mari's course on Confidence and Charisma for Online Video to get learn more about her. Mari's story is about more than just why she teaches video performance. It is the story of why she is passionate about helping Subject Matter Experts, Healers, Entrepreneurs and visionaries get past their obstacles, put their message out into the world, and thrive.


More Impact, Less Stress!  -with- Mari Geasair

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