One-Day Public Speaking Workshop 

  • Enhance leadership presence,
  • Foster meaningful influence,
  • Boost your confidence,
  • Inspire action, 


  Limited to 10 participants

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One-Day  Public Speaking Workshop 

Give yourself fresh tools to:

>> Enhance your leadership presence,

>> Foster meaningful influence,

>> Boost your confidence,

>> Inspire action, 

>> Expand your career opportunities!


Limited to 8 participants

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Build Your Professional Presence and Step Into Your Full Potential

Strong presenting and live public speaking skills give you more influence. People who are comfortable sharing their ideas inspire others, connect with influential people, earn more money, and have more opportunities to do good in the world.

The good news is that you don't need to be an extrovert or one of the "beautiful people" to create high-integrity influence through presenting. Whether you are "presenting" is at a live-networking event, in social-media video, or on a stage in front of thousands.

There are practical, learnable skills that even introverts can use to energize a room and make a difference.

This one-day workshop will help you look, sound, and feel better when you present. You will learn techniques to reduce nervousness and trust your contributions more. Most importantly, it will give you a chance to build your personal and authentic public speaking style in a safe, fun and supportive environment.


Specifically, this program will help you learn:

  • How to interrupt nervousness and access your best thinking- even when the stakes are high.
  • The three crucial components of charisma and how to grow yours without being inauthentic.
  • High-impact body language and how to make sure you are sending the right signals.
  • How to use your voice to enhance your credibility without sounding or feeling fake.
  • What to say when you have no idea what to say.

How the Program Works:

Learn to lead, inspire and engage without feeling that you need to pretend to be someone you are not. Instead, develop the skills to bring out your natural charisma and share your ideas with power and purpose. 

This program is ideal for those seeking to move up the career ladder into new levels of leadership and those on a  mission to change the world as business owners, non-profit heroes and thought leaders. The workshop itself is supportive, fun and highly interactive. You can expect plenty of skill building exercises, non-threatening speaking opportunities, and opportunites for individual feedback.

1 Live In-Person Workshop

We will spend the day exploring brain-body tools for learning to reduce nervousness, command the stage and captivate a live in-person audience. Practice in front of your peers and build community. 

The workshop is held from 10:00 am- 6:00 pm, in Denver Colorado


Resource Library

Dive more deeply into specific skills, review key concepts, or access the research the program is built upon. You have a complete on-demand digital course including videos, worksheets, and reference materials at your fingertips to help you review and master the skills we explore during the workshop.

Access to the online course lasts for 1 year.


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 Program Includes:

  •  In-Person Workshop: The one day workshop will be held from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm on Saturday, September 9th in Denver Colorado. (Location near Colorado Blvd. and 8th Ave.)
  • Digital Resource Library: 12-month access to workbooks, references, and an On-demand Digital Course in Executive Presence and Presenting
  • Program limited to 10 participants
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Meet Mari Geasair, Your Program Instructor & Coach 

Mari specializes in helping motivated individuals consistently perform well in high-stakes circumstances and increase their authentic leadership presence both on camera and on stage. Her work is devoted to helping business leaders, subject matter experts, and influencers release internal and external blockages to communication success.

Rooted in both study and life experience, Mari’s approach is gentle, specific, and focused on practical application.

As a public speaker and live theatre actor, Mari presents live on stages throughout the USA and connects with audiences as small as 3 and as large as 3000.  

She presents and trains people throughout the world virtually and is a regular podcast and virtual summit guest.

Mari is a member of the National Speakers’ Association and a Certified Virtual Presenter through eSpeakers and Communispond and a Certified Virtual Host through eSpeakers.

You can learn even more about Mari here:

What People Are Saying About Training -w- Mari

Mona Vyas 

Mari's digital course and in person workshop was truly engaging. Her tips and tricks for on and off camera or in person presentation skills will be with you for a life time. In one in person class, my voice grew to my natural pitch and resonance. I am excited to continue working with Mari!

--- Project Manager, Colorado Cross Disability Coalition

Em Martin Brott 

Mari has been amazingly helpful to me. For a long time, I felt I had to master every fact, anticipate every question, and be ready with water-tight answers before I could squeak my voice out there. No more. Of course, I must do the research and be clear with my points. But now I know, I need not be afraid. I trust that I have a valuable perspective to share.

--- Executive Director, The Drawing Studio

Emily Frank

This was a really hard but really effective class!  I learned so much that my brain kind of hurt afterwards, but in a good way.

--- Career Coach, Denver Career Catalyst



Khara Croswaite Brindle, MA, LPC, ACS

Mari is a wonderful business and speaking coach! Her skill set is diverse, meaningful, and relevant and her ability to introduce concepts that enhance speaking skills is invaluable. Mari truly helps women find their voices in their businesses and their lives. I highly recommend working with her to achieve your goals in business, brand, and professional speaking!

---TedX Speaker, Perfectioneur, Therapist, and Amazon Best-Selling Author



Polly Letofsky

I went into Mari's public speaking consultation with an attitude of "This will be nice to maybe get a wee little nugget," and came out with "DAYUMMMMMM that was awesome!" FANtastic. I feel blessed that I have found her.

---Motivational Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Author



Jan Cleveland, Esq.

After 28 years of law practice, I am very skilled at making persuasive pitches to judges and juries in person. But talking to a camera or a computer screen is WAY different!! Mari has made that transition to "virtual presentations" very easy - very doable for me. She has an amazing way of teaching how to be personable to an inanimate object. Trust her knowledge and experience. Can't imagine there is anyone better than Mari at helping people be their very best online.

---Business Attorney, Management Consultant 



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