PRISM Mastery Class in
Aligned Leadership Presence  

For Executives, Founders,  Entrepreneurs, and Influencers
Ready to Make a Bigger Impact

-w- Mari Geasair

Do You Ever Experience:

  • Pride in your professional journey so far, combined with a nagging need to have an even greater impact?
  • Lack of excitement and curiosity from investors or business associates?
  • Difficulty landing the¬†big promotion or closing the big sale?
  • An experience of being frequently interrupted, misunderstood, or minimized?¬†
  • Internal nervousness or resistance to putting yourself and your ideas "out there?"
  • A sense that despite your success others are underestimating you? (Either intentionally or unintentionally)
  • The desire to reach more people and serve them by sharing your knowledge?¬†

Learn to Effortlessly, Authentically, and Joyfully Captivate Others

Give yourself fresh tools to:

  • Boost your professional influence, confidence, and natural authority.
  • Quickly inspire meaningful and lasting connections.
  • Be recognized¬†as the expert you are without compromising your authenticity¬†or integrity.

This masterclass will show you rarely taught vocal, body language, mindset, and presentation tools to help you increase your confidence, authenticity, and impact.  

 The next cohort starts  Late April 2024 

6 spots available

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Build Your Professional Presence and Step Into Your Full Potential

Strong executive presence, virtual presenting  and communication skills give you more influence.

People who are inspiring when sharing their ideas in-person, on video, and on-stage empower others. They find it easier to  make an impact and get things done.

They become the leaders and influencers who can easily attract opportunities, inspire communities and make a difference.

The good news is that you don't need to be an extrovert or one of the "beautiful people" to create high-integrity influence through your communications.

All you need is the support, time and tools to mindfully develop the distinct skills that combine to make up the elusive quality we call " Executive Presence."

Who the Masterclass Can Help 

This program is for successful female professionals or community influencers who are ready to make a bigger impact.

It is particularly helpful for:

  • Executives seeking a promotion or a job change.
  • Leaders growing their teams or spearheading major new initiatives.
  • Service Professionals ready to expand their client base.
  • Entrepreneurs pitching for investment.
  • Coaches and Consultants seeking exposure through podcasts and public speaking.



Skills You Will Develop:

The mastery class is designed to give you the support, time, and tools you need to transform your own presence. 

You will master skills that even introverts can use to energize a room and make a difference.

We will take a unique body-brain approach to help you remove the unconscious habits and beliefs that may be unintentionally encouraging others to distrust, ignore, or minimize your expertise and your contributions.

  • You will learn the¬†"Opportunity Centering" technique for aligning your nervous system so that you are calm and collected even during the most nerve-wracking and high-stakes communication situations.
  • You will discover the "vocal masks" you may be using that encourage others to tune out the sound of your voice and begin to multitask. You will then discover how to replace those vocal masks with an authentic and aligned sound that makes people want to listen to all you have to say.
  • You will¬†master the "Impact Chapter" process for clarifying your content and presenting your message in a way that makes it easy for others to understand and remember.
  • Most crucially, you will work with a very small cohort of other powerful women to discover and polish your personal style and presence in a supportive environment.

You don't need to want to be a public speaker or social media star to benefit from these skills. It is fine if you do! We can help. But even if you don't, this training can have a positive impact on your life and career.

The fact is we "present" almost every day of our professional lives: in meetings, at professional events, at job interviews, during sales calls and performance reviews, at community events, and more.

If you want to achieve bigger goals or make a bigger difference, taking your personal presence to the next level, could be your next success step.

Knowledge You Will Discover:

  • The three crucial components of executive presence and how to grow yours without being inauthentic.
  • Why executive presence can be tricky for women and disenfranchised groups to navigate effectively and¬†how to make it easier.
  • How to interrupt nervousness and access your best thinking- when the stakes are high.
  • High-impact body language and how to make sure you are sending the right verbal signals.
  • How to use your voice to enhance your credibility without sounding or feeling fake, and how to remove any unconscious vocal habits that may be undermining your authority.
  • Tools for speaking with more precision and power, both in prepared and extemporaneous speaking situations.
  • How to best prepare for difficult conversations to ensure you show up as your best self every time.
  • The neuroscience behind creativity and how to boost it on-demand.
  • What to say when you have no idea what to say.
  • Tools for decreasing the time it takes to prepare a presentation or video while¬†enhancing¬†its effectiveness.

How the Program Works:

Today's business and professional world demands that we thrive in a mix of formats and contexts. We need to excel in small group virtual meetings, one-on-one consultations, in-person gatherings, pre-recorded video, and presenting live from the front of the room.

The mastery class will help you excel in each of these formats- and it is taught in each of these formats. Allowing you to experience in-depth transformation while you also experience plenty of real-world working examples.

16 Live Virtual Learning Labs

Enjoy hands-on learning activities and direct instructor support. Sixteen 2-hour small group skill-building instructor-led live virtual workshops allow you to learn by doing. You also benefit from group discussion and instant, supportive feedback.


The Spring 2024 cohort meets on Tuesdays from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm, Mountain Standard Time. It begins April 30th, 2024, and meets two to three times a month with breaks for holidays and rest/integration throughout the class.

See the Q&A section for more dates and details. 

NOTE: Class recordings and make-up opportunities are available. In a cohort of accomplished leaders, it is expected you will occasionally need to miss virtual or live meetings. The learning environment and cadence are structured accordingly.

6 Days of In-Person Workshops

Take the skills you have learned to rock the room in a virtual setting one step further by learning to shine during in-person conversations, meetings, and presentations. Practice in front of your peers and build community. 

Three two-day workshops are held during the program. The Live two-day workshops occur on either a Saturday and Sunday or a Friday and Saturday from 10:30 am‚ÄĒ6:30 pm, with breaks and lunch. (The dates for the live workshops for the next cohort are May 10th and 11th, September 13th and 14th, and November 15th and 16th,¬†2024.)¬†

(Out-of-town participants need not attend all of the live workshops; however, they are expected to attend at least one of the two-day live events. Please contact Mari directly to discuss options.)


4 Private Coaching Sessions

Dive deeper into the process through private coaching with Mari.

Seeking a significant promotion? Looking to build your business? Planning a TedX talk? Have trouble with your speaking voice and need to project more power and clarity? Just want to be less nervous on your next Zoom presentation? Want to dive more deeply into the material we covered in group sessions? Whatever your personal goals, we can tailor our learning to meet your unique needs.

Three 50-minute private coaching sessions will be scheduled individually.


4  Virtual Implementation Labs (Optional)

Join members of your cohort and past cohorts of the program for fun virtual practice sessions. 

These lively interactive virtual meetings are a place to practice techniques with your peers. The emphasis will  NOT be on sharing new material during these sessions. Rather, we will share practical examples of techniques we have already explored, and then give you a chance to work on refining your own technique through practice.

This part of the program is entirely optional and incredibly valuable! We would love to have you join us!



Digital Resource Library

Dive more deeply into specific skills, review key concepts, or access the research the program is built upon.

You have a complete on-demand digital course library including videos, worksheets, and reference materials at your fingertips. You will receive a full year of access to on-demand digital trainings on Executive Presence, Moving from Panic to Poise, Voice Improvement and Virtual Presenting.

These recourses will help you review and master the skills we explore during our interactive meetings and dive even more deeply into specific areas of personal interest.

Access to the online course library lasts for 1 year.


Certification & Digital Badge

Show your boss, prospective employer, or new clients that you are dedicated to serving their needs by mastering crucially important presentation and leadership communication skills.

After completing the course, taking a short written exam, and submitting a short sample video presentation for review, you will earn a certification. You will also receive a verifiable digital badge you can display on your website, LinkedIn Profile, or other social media and which viewers can click on to verify your new credential.



Logistics & FAQ 

Meet Mari Geasair, Your Program Instructor & Coach 

Hello, I am Mari.

I specialize in helping motivated individuals consistently perform well in high-stakes circumstances and increase their authentic leadership presence both on camera and on stage. I work with leaders and teams to help them build deeper relationships and inspire more buy-in.

Professionals working with me increase confidence and poise, improve vocal power and stamina, learn to maintain audience engagement during virtual presentations, and craft a unique approach to presenting that marries their personal style with their professional goals.

My work is grounded in voice and speech coaching, business development, public speaking, the neuroscience of peak performance, and live theatre performance.

I have been helping leaders and entrepreneurs reach their goals since the year 1999.

During that time, I have spent more than 16 thousand hours coaching professionals to claim their distinctive professional presence. I have also given over 2,500 speeches and performances myself.

I am a certified Roger Love Voice Coach and Vocal Stamina and Recovery Specialist, a Certified Virtual Host & Presenter through E-speakers, and a CPTE graduate of Coach U.

I attended Colorado University Boulder Campus as a Theatre Major "back in the day" and am a proud graduate of the Meisner program at Freehold Studios in Seattle WA.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn here:

What People Are Saying About Mari

Whitney Tabaian

Mari offers extremely effective executive presence coaching. Her master class was impactful and engaging, and I am impressed with the tools and skills we learned. Not only did she teach our class new skills to aid in our professional success, but she also helped us break through habits that did not serve us. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve communication and level up professionally.

---Whitney Tabaian
Regional Director - Mikes Bikes



Jenn Adamson

Mari's Mastery class has profoundly impacted my ability to deliver compelling talks.

What sets Mari apart is her keen eye for individual strengths and areas for improvement. Her constructive feedback, delivered with encouragement, has refined my message and elevated my overall presentation skills.

Being in her Mastery class not only enhanced my TEDx talk but has also translated into success in various professional settings. 

------ Jenn Adamson, TedX Speaker, Executive Coach, Author



Erin Clifft 

I wholeheartedly recommend Mari's Mastery Class! I signed up because I needed to improve my presentation skills at work, but I got so much more out of it. This class helped me improve my confidence,  communication,  and connection with clients and in my personal life. It was great to see the transformation in my classmates, too! The whole experience was excellent. 

---Erin Clifft - Elder Law Attorney Harmond Law Group 



Liz Windisch

Mari helped me to speak and lead as my authentic self. I now  have much more confidence going into presentations and interviews, and I enjoy it more. Her teaching style is relaxed, but high impact. She is quick to identify each person’s strengths and is easily able to draw them out so that everyone shines.

---Liz Windisch
Certified Financial Planner‚ĄĘ - Financial Advisor at Aspen Wealth Management



Lizzie Costello 

Mari’s Executive Presence Master Class changed my life in ways I didn’t expect …. the result of more than five months of classes was spectacular: the ability to improvise a presentation, to present myself confidently in front of groups, and to step into my inherent power!

------ Lizzie Costello, Costello Productions



Kim Sheahan

We practiced and trained on hundreds of little skills that are now ingrained within me and will serve me for the rest of my life. What I learned from Mari is worth 100x more than what I paid for the class, and it has resulted in higher sales, helping me earn a lot more.

---Kim Sheahan, Accountant and Money Hypnotherapist



Khara Croswaite Brindle, MA, LPC, ACS

Mari is a wonderful business and speaking coach! Her skill set is diverse, meaningful, and relevant and her ability to introduce concepts that enhance speaking skills is invaluable. Mari truly helps women find their voices in their businesses and their lives. I highly recommend working with her to achieve your goals in business, brand, and professional speaking!

---Khara Croswaite Brindle- TedX Speaker, Perfectioneur, Therapist, and Amazon Best-Selling Author



Polly Letofsky


I went into Mari's public speaking program with an attitude of "This will be nice to maybe get a wee little nugget," and came out with "DAYUMMMMMM that was awesome!" FANtastic. I feel blessed that I have found her.

--- Polly Letofsky-Motivational Keynote Speaker, Award-winning Author



Jan Cleveland, Esq.


After 28 years of law practice, I am very skilled at making persuasive pitches to judges and juries in person. But talking to a camera or a computer screen is WAY different!! Mari has made that transition to "virtual presentations" very easy - very doable for me. She has an amazing way of teaching how to be personable to an inanimate object. Trust her knowledge and experience. I can't imagine there is anyone better than Mari at helping people be their very best online.

--Jan Cleveland -Attorney, Business Contract Law




One Payment of $4,536

12 Monthly Payment Option May Be Available Through AfterPay

  1.  Program Includes:

    • Virtual Training:¬†Fourteen interactive¬†live virtual masterclasses
    • ¬†In-Person Workshops:¬†Three¬†two-day workshops and advanced studio sessions in live public speaking, interviewing, and critical conversations¬†
    • Private Coaching Sessions:¬†four 50-minute private sessions with Mari Geasair¬†
    • Course Resource Library:¬†including worksheets, video play-lists,¬† journaling exercises, real-life scenario practice prompts, and research references for the Masterclass content.
    • Digital Resource Library: 12-month access to the on-demand digital courses¬†Executive Presence for the Camera and Panic to Poise.
    • Certification and Badge of Completion:¬†¬†Private certification will be awarded to participants who successfully complete the program and pass a final exam.
    • The program size is limited to six participants to ensure an optimal balance between group activities and personalized attention.

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Master Class and for allowing yourself the time to fill out the application and join me in a personalized strategy session/program interview meeting.

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