Consulting and Customized Training in Executive Presence, Virtual Presenting, and Public Speaking

Individuals, teams, or organizations looking to significantly upgrade their presentational impact can arrange services specifically tailored to their needs.

Support and instruction are available through on-demand video, live group instruction, private on-site training, or 1-1 coaching.

Please contact Mari directly to arrange a needs assessment and custom services proposal.

Presentation Coaching

Help your teams take the stage with confidence and high impact! Public speaking can be a powerful tool for growing your business and influence, but only if you do it well. And doing it well means taking time to master the craft. Together we can craft and rehearse sales and Keynote presentations for your organization. Enhance executive presence, increase audience engagement and drive knowledge utilization by developing the skills to present in a way that gets remembered and not ignored.

Virtual Learning Strategy

Virtual platforms make it easy to connect with decision-makers all over the world. Unfortunately, it is NOT productive to solely transfer a sales or training presentation from an in-person format to a virtual platform without significantly redesigning the content and delivery. To be effective, the content must be restructured and re-imagined to account for the way people learn, remember and follow through in a digital environment. I can work with your organization to facilitate the transformation of existing content, using current best practices for learning in the digital world.

Executive Presence Support

Leaders are called upon to master many skills, and one of the most powerful but often overlooked skills is vocal and body language mastery. I work with teams and individuals to help them develop more polish and executive presence and communicate more effectively in high-impact situations. We work together to raise awareness regarding the impact of vocal and physical habits and replace unhelpful communication patterns with more effective ones. I support each individual to uncover their unique strength and style and develop a personal toolbox to increase their authenticity, authority, and charisma. 

Pricing and Package Information

Speaking and Presentation Coaching for Organizations

Thanks for reaching out. I look froward to discussing your unique needs and how I might be able to help.

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